NO SALUTE WITHOUT RESULTS For EPIONE PHARMA, Performance is defined as success. By always focusing on achieving, even exceeding the objectives set. For EPIONE PHARMA, behind the concept of performance hides the concept of effectiveness and efficiency, also the concept of social performance and economic performance. At EPIONE PHARMA, management is not focused on tasks but on results.


THE KEY TO TRUST Kindness is the central element that conditions transparency and trust, especially an organization’s long-term performance as well as efficient short-term execution. For EPIONE PHARMA, kindness is important towards oneself, towards other collaborators, towards the company, its objectives and towards the stakeholders (partners, suppliers, customers, candidates, etc.)


BLESSED THE BOLD The Courage takes us into the future, makes us take risks


Always act with honesty and transparency in everything we do. Keep our promises and commitments. Treat our employees and business partners with impartiality and respect